District News
  • Join us for groundbreaking ’Legendary Leadership’ One Day Conference ...early bird special $99 flies away August 30th!!!!
  • To assign your club votes, go to www.toastmasters.org/clubcentral, login, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for and click on Assign/Delegate International Election Club Proxy.
  • Are you looking for treasure? Join Pirates of District 60 and enjoy our new rewards program.
  • Do you know who the new leaders in your Division are? Check out the ’Leaders’ page and look for your division/area/club.
  • Have your officers been to Club Officer Training? Check the District 60 calendar for updated training events.
Fall 2014 Conference

Our Fall 2014 Conference 'Legendary Leadership'  is on Saturday, November 22nd. The schedule is now available here. Early bird tickets can be purchased here (The password is chestnut). Continue to check the website for more details. 

How do you want to celebrate Toastmasters' 90th Anniversary? Email districtgov@toasmasters60.com and let us know your ideal celebration!